Dear Gear Episode 7 – Tegan Quin

Dear Gear Episode 7: Tegan Quin, of Tegan and Sara. Tegan and Rhonda discuss delicate exchanges and magic in a time when the noise outside is almost deafening. Crafting words and music and being a strong storyteller with a desire to be heard.

Dear Gear proves once again that this podcast is more of a social experiment of musicians navigating their sound and stories through grief; stress, happiness and being your sisters number one fan.

Dear Gear Episode 6 – Sara Quin

Dear Gear Episode 6: Sara Quin, of Tegan and Sara. Sara and Rhonda discuss how the twins relationship with their gear is pushing more towards hate on the love and hate scale. What happens when sisters take control of their own story and truths?

Dear Gear Episode 5 – Justin Pearson

From their homes in Los Angeles, CA Justin Pearson joins Rhonda Simmonds of Dear Gear to talk about his beautiful bass, punk ethos and their shared love for exceptionally cutting bass tones and drummers that make you feel good to be alive.

Struggle was Justin’s first band at the age of 15. Since then Pearson has been the bass player/singer-songwriter in a lot of great punk bands such as: The Locust, Head Wound City, Holy Molar, The Crimson Curse, Some Girls, Retox and Dead Cross to name a few.

This episode features Head Wound City track “Scraper” and Dead Cross track “Church of the Motherfuckers” both were used with permission from the band/s.

Justin is also the owner of 31G records, a sponsor of Dear Gear. Please subscribe!

Dear Gear Episode 4 – Brendan Canty

Brendan Canty joins Rhonda Simmonds from Dear Gear to discuss his favorite piece of gear and guess what it is not a drum or a cymbal. Brendan is known mostly for his work in Fugazi and it’s a lot of work. Canty has appeared in various DC based bands for his entire career. A musician, composer, producer and film maker Canty began playing drums at the age of 15. debuting in DC Dischord Records band Deadline in the summer of 1981. Do yourself a favor and get all of Brendan’s back catalog.

Dear Gear features Brendan this month as our number one BAD BOY of PUNK ROCK!!!

This episode features Fugazi track “Returning the Screw” and The Messthetics track “Serpent Tongue” both were used with permission from the band/s.

Dear Gear Episode 3 – Vanessa Wheeler

VAVA is Vanessa Wheeler, Vanessa is an American musician, singer-songwriter and guitarist with a mystic artistry that is unrivaled. Often compared to St. Vincent, Vanessa’s style is distinctly her own. Vanessa is a Berkley Music School graduate with strong ability to bend her vocals over complicated time signatures and exotic riffs.

Vanessa joins Rhonda of Dear Gear from her home in Los Angeles, CA to talk about her favorite piece of gear. Let’s sit back and listen to this amazing musician share her story of the beautiful “Baluga/Porpoise” which saved her from a broken heart at a young age.

VAVA’s new EP “The Other Side” is a spectacular journey that will leave you “Heavy” and wanting more.

This episode features the track “the Other Side” and “Heavy” both were used with permission from the artist. Please subscribe!

Dear Gear Episode 2 – Corin Tucker

Features: Corin Tucker of Portland, Oregon bands Sleater-Kinney, Filthy Friends and Heavens to Betsy. Corin talks to Dear Gear from her Portland, Oregon home about her first guitar. She walks us back to her childhood and relationship with her father who is also a guitarist, the building of her first guitar, and her relationship to that guitar. The conversation leads us to the March 1994 release of her teeth clenching record “Calculated” by Heavens to Betsy, Corin’s first band. Corin takes us even further into that discussion by discussing her relationship to her voice and her sound in her current bands (Sleater-Kinney and Filthy Friends, featuring members of REM). The episode wraps up on an existential note regarding the ethos of the past vs. the new world computer age and Corin’s ideas about those two worlds colliding. The episode features the songs “Calculated” and “White Girl” by Heavens to Betsy, used for this episode with the writers blessing.

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Dear Gear Episode 1 – Marissa Paternoster

Features: Marissa Paternoster of New Jersey trio Screaming Females joins Rhonda from the road to discuss her favorite amplifier that she got at a young age, the connection to that amplifier, the albums it was used on, the tours it has been on with Marissa, and how she still uses it today. The podcast is set to release on February 19th, 2018, four days before the new Screaming Females album “All at Once” is set to drop on Don Giovanni records on February 23, 2018. The podcast features two singles from that album, “Glass House” (official recording) and “Deeply” (official recording). The music and images are provided to the general public and Dear Gear at the consent of the Screaming Females.

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