Dear Gear Episode 4 – Brendan Canty

Brendan Canty joins Rhonda Simmonds from Dear Gear to discuss his favorite piece of gear and guess what it is not a drum or a cymbal. Brendan is known mostly for his work in Fugazi and it’s a lot of work. Canty has appeared in various DC based bands for his entire career. A musician, composer, producer and film maker Canty began playing drums at the age of 15. debuting in DC Dischord Records band Deadline in the summer of 1981. Do yourself a favor and get all of Brendan’s back catalog.

Dear Gear features Brendan this month as our number one BAD BOY of PUNK ROCK!!!

This episode features Fugazi track “Returning the Screw” and The Messthetics track “Serpent Tongue” both were used with permission from the band/s.

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